Designed in flat cubical shape, Sifteo interactive computer blocks, are now part of MIT Media Lab and are now available for sale. The Sifteo was once known as Siftables, part of a graduate project at Stanford University.

The tiny computer blocks come with 128×128 displays, equipped with buttons, Wi-Fi, three-axis accelerometers and last up to four hours of rechargeable batteries on each tiny block.

Each of these tiny computer blocks are 35 grams in weight, ease to carry and playing with, more like a Tamagochi toy that comes with interactive features. To have an idea of how to play with these tiny computer blocks, let’s roll the following video…

The more computer blocks you have, the more new features and challenges will be revealed. You will enjoy the new gameplay being offers with the increase of the tiny computer cubics that you own.

Conveniently enough, the playable games for Sifteo Cubes are now available via online app store, which you could download and install on your computer and transmit them wirelessly to your tiny interactive computer blocks.


Furthermore, the gaming platform is designed to be ‘developer-friendly’, new game could be developed fast enough that you should not be afraid of running out of games to play with.

The sour side is, the first batch of Sifteo interactive computer blocks are now sold out within couples of hours after the initial launch! MIT Media Lab is waiting for the market respond about the new Sifteo Cubes before commencing larger production batch plans for early this year.

The initial Sifteo packs come with a charging dock plus three Sifteo cubes, which is enough to play most of the games on their app store.

Price: USD150.- per pack, additional cubes is under USD50.- each.

[ Source: Dvice ; Sifteo ]