SM-7000B Silent Mouse is a wireless USB mouse introduced by Nexus. The important selling point is on the non-noisy mouse click that will perfect for those users or their baby or family members that are sensitive or tend to get depress to noisy sound.

SM-7000B Silent Mouse wireless USB mouse works on 2.4GHz frequency range and offers a switch for either 1000 or 1600 dpi sensitivity level.


If you are a company owner and hate listening to those annoying sound of mouse clicks, you could get your purchasing department order Nexus SM-7000B Silent Mouse.

However, there have been some complains from the users about the popping up left click after one to two weeks of usage, and not as sensitive as described by the manufacturer.

Price: USD27.95 [ Buy Nexus Silent Mouse, right here! ]

[ Source: SlashGear ; Stop The Noise ]