You might have remember about the SimCity, don’t you? For those born between eighties and nineties, SimCity is one popular pc game that remarks the rise of gaming industry back in those early years where desktop PCs are the king in the technology industry.

The recently unveiled SimCity 5 is the new 3 dimensional game from Maxis Studios that is currently under development stage and will hit the retail stores sometime within next year. The new SimCity 5 will be compatible to both PC as well as Mac systems, anyway, let’s take a sneak peek at the official trailer…


This time the new SimCity 5 will support multiplayer mode as online multiplayer game has such intriguing profit potential, that seems no single game developer wish to be left behind the crowd.

The SimCity 5 will be much more complicated than the inital SimCity, the rise and fall of a city status, wealth, fame, development and popularity will be pretty much depend on your friends’ cities performance, should they buid their city next to yours. The better your capability in managing and organizing your city and residents, the better the achievement and the happier the citizens will be. Pretty much resembling real cities these days, doesn’t it?


Powered by Maxis’s on GlassBox Engine, SimCity 5 is expected to offer a more lively, realistic and detailed 3D graphics to bring gamers and players into next experience level of a Virtual City, the SimCity 5.

No hint about pricing yet.

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