Sirchester Luminous Sofa – Ambiance Glowing Furniture

by Edward Xu

in chair gadgets

Ambiance glowing furniture dubbed Sirchester Luminous Sofa is now available in the UK’s furniture market. A great option for renewing your living room’s interior.

Sirchester Luminous Sofa is providng the same comfort and style you would find on a classic English Chester sofa, the only difference is the ambiance glowing light on the sofa.



Sirchester luminous sofa comes with a padded quilted backrest and an inner drainage system keeps the seat dry in case of a shower. Available in yacht blue, white, black, hide, apple green and fuchsia, the Sirchester sofa is one groovy decor solution to both lighting and seating.

Price: GBP950.- [ approx. USD1,450.- ]

[ Source: BornRich ; Made In UK ]

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Wow.. This sofas looking very nice and good.. It can be visible in dark also It’s looking like ice chairs..I love this sofa..

Thanks for sharing..


Edward Xu

Thanks Johney! ๐Ÿ™‚

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