Siri, is the new feature on iPhone 4S that actually allow you to use your voice to send messages, make phone calls, schedule meetings or even a place to talk to when you feel alone and need someone to talk to.

You could talk to Siri as if you would to a real person or your private assistant, you could say something like “Tell my mother that I’ll be a bit late today.” “Remind me about appointment with my dentist this evening at 7pm.”

You could even search for information you need, Siri will help you seek for the best answer and approach to your question. It is more like having a conversation with your iPhone, in a verbal manner. iPhone 4S is the first ‘talking’ smartphone that capable to gives respond to what you will ask. Siri will search online services including Yelp and WolframAlpha for answers to your questions, and it also capable to figures out which apps to use and who you’re talking about.


Moreover, you could also ask Siri to make an SMS (Short Messages), without really having your fingers touching the phone for making short messages. Siri also looks up where you are currently, where you work, or even where you live, and it will gives you information and the best available options based on your current location, and Siri could also make suggestion about nearest shopping complexs, restaurants, movie theaters and so on, wonderful feature, isn’t it?

The default programming will identify details in your contacts, it knows your friends, family, boss, and coworkers. So you could tell Siri to text your colleague(s) about what you are doing right now, such as “Text Susan that I’m on my way to the office” or “Remind me to book a flight to Beijing on my arrival to the office” or even “Call a pizza”, and it will automatically identify what you mean and what to do.

Let’s roll the video about iPhone 4S and the Siri feature…

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[ Source: Apple Siri ]