The idea is basically the same with the Whiskey Stones marketed by Thinkgeek, but the following Skybar Wine Chill Drops take a different shape of a spoon for chilling your whiskey or wine.

Claims to offer fast chilling effect, without diluting the original flavor of your whiskey or wine, Skybar Wine Chill Drops offers a fast and easy way to chill a glass wine by pre-chilling the spoon shape Skybar inside your refrigerator up to 3 hours period.

skybar-wine-chill-dropsThe Skybar Wine Chill Drops fits on most wineglasses and even most champagne flutes. Along with the Skybar Wine Chill Drops, there are two convenient holders that protect tabletops and other surfaces from the chilling effect that causes moisturizer.

Do you think Skybar is good enough for your home’s minibar for serving wine or champagne?

Claims to have the capability to chill up to 20 times faster than your refrigerator could with a full bottle of champagne, simply place the skybar inside the drink you wish to chill and within minutes, your wine is ready to be served.

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[ Source: Hardwaresphere ]