One of the innovation concept from Quirky is the Slimline, an upcoming project for a foldable hanger as well as drying rack that makes the most out of small spaces. Slimline A simple release will let the arms to swivel down forming a rack type of hanger that could be hang over doors, shower rods or drawers.

Taking the dimensions of 16 x 14 x 11.5-inches (HxWxD) at the open mode and 16 x 14 x 0.75-inches (HxWxD) at closed position, Slimline is made of die-cut smooth polished wood, brushed metal hinges and molded plastic hanger and hooks.



When your laundry is done/dry, simply fold it flat and hang it into your closet for convenience storage similar to conventional plastic or wood hanger.


Images above will certainly give you the idea about the practicality of the Slimline drying rack. This upcoming project over Quirky will certainly help moms to save a bunch of space at their home.

[ Source: Quirky ]