KDDI Labs has developed  Smart MIMAS imaging system that aimed to ease hospitals and medical personnel as well as patient to monitor and view their x-ray or scanned results.

Smart MIMAS allows medical images to be transferred and viewed directly on any Android tablets and Android smartphones. In case of emergency, those medical images could also be sent to specialists when they are on the road or at home, for faster, quick and accurate instructions to the medical staffs at the hospital that deal directly with patients that need emergency treatments.

Basically, Smart MIMAS system offers three main features, the first one is for speedy access to medical images, even a very large images. Secondly, it offers high speed image transfer, a CTU image contains a large amount of information, and using 4,000 gradation levels in a single JPEG2000 format picture, this could largely beneficial for specialists to examine the scanned area carefully using their own tablet while they are on the journey to the hospital.


The third feature is about security on transferred images. Not everybody want their personal medical records, including images get exposed to the public easily, Smart MIMAS system is designed to provide high level of security by encrypting the images data, in order to make sure only relevant personnel and devices could access and receive the images.

KDDI is planning to supply 20 sets to hospitals this year.

Price: Approx. USD65,000 [ for the server and tablets ]

[ Source: Digiinfo TV ;  KDDI R&D Japan ]