A 7-inch with rich features for ebook reading, email checking, internet browsing, digital picture frame, music player and hd media player. 1und1 or translated into English 1&1 is a German DSL provider that has enter the touchscreen tablet market.


1und1 SmartPad is designed with a 7-inch LCD WVGA touchscreen display, 256MB RAM, 1GB storage, integrated 802.11n WiFi, support USB WWAN dongle for 2G/3G wireless internet connection.


SmartPad itself is powered by an ARM 11 500MHz processor and running Android 1.6 version os, you will be able to get online update for the Android 2.2 in September.

1und1 is using an app store outside Android market that offers around 100 applications. No info on pricing yet.

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