Invented by Dr. Satoshi Tadokoro, Snakebot is a 26 foot (10 meters) long optical snakebot that has bucket of small pager motors assembled on each small section the cable shape snakebot.

The small motors integration created a vibrating snake, on the outer portion of the Snakebot, is wrapped with a bias-ply fabric. Meanwhile, the vibration will casue entire snakebot to crawl as if the real snake. Near the end are two joint that articulate to each other for positioning and steering the snakebot further down even to those tightest cracks, carrying a video camera and active flashing light for visibility in dark places.


This snakebot has a similarity to ACM-R5 snake robot created by Tokyo Institute of Technology back in August 2010, the difference lies on the section separation, which is more visible on ACM-R5 snake robot.

Hopefully Snakebot will be able to help rescuer team to locate buried earthquake victims in Japan.
Rescuers will be able to use snakebot with nearly no training, pretty similar to controlling a RC helicopter, with left, right, forward or backward type of controls.

[ Source: Dvice ; Acroname ; Hiroshe-Fukushima Lab ]