Solana, is a hybrid tablet as well as laptop from Novero that was showcased at MWC not long ago. Novero Solana is powered by Intel Atom Dual-Core N2600 Cedar Trail processor, 2GB DDR3 RAM, 10-inch flip-able capacitive touch screen design and offering various connectivities options of 3G WWAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and built-in video camera.

In case you need a tablet, simply detach the tablet from the screen and you could bring it anywhere you go for a more portable computing solution.


For laptop, you will need to bring along the frame that comes with keyboard dock as if on a laptop. Prepared to run Microsoft Windows 7 (ready for Windows 8) as well as Android OS, Novero Solana is simply an Android tablet that comes with a flipping case and laptop size keyboard ‘dock’.

Expect to see Novero Solana by early second quarter 2012.

Starting Price: USD700.-

[ Source: Hot Hardware ; Novero Solana ]