An outdoor umbrella that capable to recharge your mobile devices? It looks like other ordinary outdoor umbrellas that offer shady environment for people sitting beneath, but this one has 4x solar cell panels located on north, south, east and west side of the the umbrella’s canopy and 2x USB ports in its aluminum pole.

For power backup, there is a rechargeable 3.7-volt/1000mA battery that provide power in overcast conditions, ensuring your smartphones and tablets have an uninterrupted power during those cloudy days or night time.


The umbrella’s canopy is built to withstands wind gusts and capability to blocks up to 98% of the harmful UV rays using UPF rating 50+ materials. The lightweight 8′ L shape aluminum pole and spreaders are all powder-coated finish to ensure durability against extreme weather.


Four 10″ x 4 1/4″ solar panels woven into the umbrella’s 9′ diameter canopy convert sunlight into electricity which is accessed via two USB ports in its pole. A rechargeable 3.7-volt/1000mA backup battery provides power in overcast conditions, ensuring smartphones and tablets have an uninterrupted supply of power.

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