Rio De Jainero is going to host the Olympic Games in 2016, and one of the major projects and social responsibility of Brazil’s government in this southeast region are, to obtain enough power resources for the Olympic Games while maintain electricity supply stability for Rio De Janeiro city and its surrounding area.




And one of the selected designs that has become the word of mouths over the internet is the RAFAA‘s Solar City Tower. The Solar City Tower will be built on a small island nearby the Rio De Janeiro shore line and the Solar City Tower will use sun light as the primary energy at the daytime and the WaterFall will also generate night time energy supply.

Images Credit: Architizer

The waterfall could also become another tourist attraction for years to come. The Solar City Tower could also turn into a spectacular urban waterfall, symbolizing the abundance natural forces that await being tapped by human kind.

The tower’s entrance area and the amphitheater can serve as a place for social gatherings and events. The cafeteria and other shops will be situated beneath the waterfall and offer a breathtaking view. The urban balcony, which is situated at the top of the 105m-tall tower, will provide visitors with a 360-degree view of the landscape.