If we should call it a miracle, then let be it! Africa was reknown as countries where most of its rural area was left behind in term of electricity.  But now, a surprising finding and statiscal growth has shown that Africa has began to use solar energy as an alternative energy to power their irrigation channel and enjoy a 500% growth of vegetable intake.


As a developing or developed country, how well has your country utilize what mother nature has given to us? 😀

According to a new study, solar-powered irrigation systems have significantly enhanced both the household incomes and the nutritional intake of villagers in sub-Saharan Africa.

For simple calculation, the solar-powered water pumps has significantly reduced the labour cost involved before the presence of the solar energy. Water hauling was done conventionally by women and young girls.

Vegetable intake across all villages increases by 150 grams per person per day during the rainy season. But those villages  with solar-powered systems saw an increase of up to 750 grams per person per day. That’s equivalent to 5 servings of vegetables a day; a 500% increase!

More info from Clean Technika here.