An idea of how to get even tan from the sunshine without worrying about bikini lines. The unique concept by Jun-hyeon Kim, a South Korean Designer that inspired by the way Hawaiian doing their sun-bathing while concerning not all girl dare to get fully bare on the beach while greater concern come to government’s restriction of nudity on the beach are getting popular these days!

According to Kim’s concept, by making a swimsuit from polyester material, it will let the sun’s ray get through the swimsuit and thus exposing those area behind the bikini swimsuit to the sun. However, no warranty about the safety of polyester material exposed to sun light heat and human sweat will have the potentiality to cause skin cance.


Or perhaps a bare sun bathing at your backyard protected by high surrounding fence should do the trick? That should, at least will do the trick for those love to get even suntan all over their body.

[ Source: Yanko Design ]