It was claimed to be world’s first SolarKiosk, surprisingly it did not appear on developed nations, but rather at Lake Langano, Ethiopia. A design by Germany’s Graft architects, the portable solar kiosk is selling a safe and affordable solution for inhabitans in off-the-grid areas.

The creators are now seeking business partners and NGO’s who can help bring the kiosks to any parts of the world where the SolarKiosk most needed. We believe with over 1.5 billion people across the globe and current ‘energy crisis’ problems, SolarKiosk is a neat energy solution to whoever and wherever it might needs it to be.


Especially for those countries where corruption and energy crisis have become ‘ethical morale’ for those ‘rats’ sitting on the high governmental positions, helping those rural or urban areas that affected by energy crisis is one holy task for those NGOs or non-profit organisations that solely trying to help local society to become a better living place.

The SolarKiosk itself comes with a photvoltaic panels on the rooftop, the energy hub is designed to provide enough power for lighting, mobile phones, tablets, car batteries, solar fridge and even a desktop computer. Besides, local residents could also buy solar powered gadgets including solar lanterns, mobile phones, recharge cards and a new experience in buying energy.


These SolarKiosks could also become source for emergency energy supplies, medicines or perhaps foods during time of disaster where normal electricity supply from power company is likely cut down or not working. Absolutely a sustainable business for those seeking to help the community, provide extra jobs as well as generate income that could be used to help broader scope of the community along the process.

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