Melbourne base mums as well as designers, Hollingsworth and Claire Harris (Hollie & Harrie) have an idea how umbrella should take shape to suit those enjoy sunny weather on the beach. Sombrilla, the new umbrella design is made from 100% cotton fabric, nothing plastic, and can be adjusted throughout the day for the scope of the shades you prefer to have.

You might have heard that the intense solar storms during the last few months that causes more solar heat to our earth are not likely a good time to enjoy direct sun light on your skin. Tanning your skin is a good thing to do during summer time, however, over expose to ultra violet light might actually get your skin to burn or potentially trigger the skin cancer if you are not protect well by good sunblock cream or gel, as your skin might not able to survive extreme sun rays these days.


That’s why it is advisable to avoid tanning your skin during extreme hours such as eleven a.m to two p.m, but in case you just love to have the heat and enjoy the flow of on the sunny beach, you could always protect your precious skin by hiding under the Sombrilla’s shade. It is a simple, portable yet elegant solution that available in three different vibrant colors for you to choose from. Inside the package you will find two stick for erecting the Sombrilla, as if a picnic’s tent, but lot simpler with a large piece of cotton that play the role as the tent’s fabric roof, few threads for holding the cotton fabric onto the sticks, that’s it.


Whether you are on the beach, backyard, campsite or wherever you might happen to be, Sombrilla could be adjusted easily to your needs. Unfortunately, this product only available exclusively in Australia at this particular moment, should you want to have one for your own, you might consider design it yourself or contact Hollie & Harrie at their contact form or phone, right here.

Please be reminded that you will be subjected to additional shipping cost incurred for shipment to your country.

Price: AUD150.-

[ Source: Hollie&Harrie ]