Planning to get your PS Vita as a Christmas gift this year? Hold on a second… Latest news from PlayStation Life Style, there is a rumor that player will not be able to play games and surf the Internet on the PS Vita at the same time, no multitasking? Perhaps, this will become the major weakness of PS Vita, if truly existed.

However, player will still be able to do other multi-tasking including playback music, making tweet on twitter as well as inviting friends, more info, you could visit AdriaSang’s post about the multitasking features on Sony PS Vita.


Probably Sony is testing the market respond regarding this particular issue and creating the buzz on the online community to see how the PS Vita’s fans will react to this problem. Anyway, Sony has yet making any official statement regarding the multitasking issue.

Probably this is just another market tactics from Sony that doesn’t want to get stab-back from their market rivals after PS Vita being released into the market by February 22nd, next year.

[ Source: PlayStation Life Style ; AdriaSang ; Sony PS Vita ]