Sony Wearable Wrist Computer Concept – Bracelet Style

by Edward Xu

in concept gadgets

Designed by Hiromi Kiriki, Sony flexible OLED touchscreen display as a wearable wrist computer concept prepared for 2020. The Sony Wearable Wrist Computer Concept comes with a holographic projector for the screen and pull-out style for keyboard panels and social networking buttons.



If by ten-year times this bracelet style Sony Wearable Wrist Computer Concept transformed into reality, would you plan to get one?

Wear it as a stylish bracelet or mobile computer, it is all up to you!

[ Source: Emoiz ; Yanko Design ]

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Hiromi Kiriki is a theif.

The design for this watch is ripped from another artist, without credit or renumeration.


Here are the details

Edward Xu

It is hard to believe, but I think Hiromi Kiriki should have asked permission from Chuck Anderson? Or will there be any coincidence background image in pretty similar pattern?

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