Christmas could be funner with lots of lights attractions around your neighborhood, isn’t it? Would you try to creat your own Sparkleballs for ‘sparking’ lights around your home, Christmas trees, garden, or backyard?

sparkleball-mini-led-lightsSparkleball is an ornament handmade ornaments made from plastic cups. Of course, it is soldered and staples together in order to create the shape as you could see from above pictures.

sparkball-gerri-setDubbed Instructables, video below will shows you how to DIY Sparkleball or Cuplights using items you probably already have at the convenient of your own home.

For the version without having to do soldering, it will requires 50 soft 9 oz. plastic cups, a hold-puncher, a string of low-energy mini-light LEDs, a drill with a 1/2-inch bit and 200 small zip-ties.

[ Source: Unplggd ; Sparkleball ]