How about adding a bar shape speaker system to the large HDTV in your living room? Spectre’s SB2020B is a soundbar speaker that would give nice addition to your existing home theater audio system for enjoying music, movie, news as well as sports.

Designed with wall-mounting hardware kit, Spectre’s SB2020B soundbar speaker comes with a dimension of 37.25 x 3.50 x 2.28-inch, easily blend into your living room’s wall above or below your black bezel flat-panel hdtv.


This Spectre SB2020B soundbar speaker requires 20-watt of electricity to run, built-in with Class-D amplifier you could choose from four listening modes of movie, music, news or sports. On the SB2020B soundbar, you will also find 2x RCA stereo inputs, 1x SPDIF digital inputs and a remote control

Price: USD169.-

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