You might have ride a motorcycle before, but following Safety Sphere airbag jacket is one revolutionary gadget that will protect a motorcyclist during a fatal road accident.

A design by Rejean Neron, Safety Sphere airbag jacket takes the form of special bike suit that will automatically inflates into a sphere and enveloping the rider immediately once rider is detected to be flying off the bike in a crash. There is a battery that connects to an electric ignition which triggers nitrocellulose canister, inflating the suit in the event of an impact.


The amazing part is the speed of inflating the suit within 5/100ths of a second, filling the Safety Sphere airbag jacket with compressed air to cushion the impact.

Safety Sphere airbag jacket itself is designed with two layers of fabric, including an inner layer of thin elastic material, and the outer layer of parachute-type of cloth.

The expanded outlook has similarity to a giant orange, or perhaps a giant blueberry, but still, it could protect life of motorcyclist in danger.

[ Source: Technabob ; Motorcycle News ]