Sphero, a cute ball shape remote control robot unveiled by Orbotix during CES 2011 has now reached it final prototype stage. ThinkGeek has officially put up the order page, right ” target=”_blank”>here.

The attractive feature, besides the controllable movement, is the customizable Sphero’s color to suit your mood or environment demand. The built-in LED light can create literally thousand of unique soft glowing colors, and the application will allow you to hand-pick the desired color.

The physical Sphero robotic ball will not get too far away from following video…

Fun With Sphero from GoSphero on Vimeo.

Another feature is the Boost Mode that gives Sphero a quick jolt of power to make it jumps over an obstacle, outrun an opponent, or evade the family dog, can you imagine controlling to Sphero to tease your pets?

The wireless Bluetooth connection means you will get simple yet reliable, direct connectivity without the requirements of switching on your wireless router or internet. Simply pair Sphero with your Android or iOS smartphones or tablets, including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or your Android device, and there will be even more platforms that will be coming soon.


The induction charging will allow users to charge Sphero without any wires, and there’s nothing to plug in. Simply set Sphero in the induction charger and the rest is automatic.

About the size of a baseball, Orbotix’s Sphero robotic ball will fits comfortably in your palm, and it is big enough to navigate the terrain of a typical living room floor or patio, and small enough to carry in your jacket pocket.

Expect to see Orbotix’s Sphero robot ball this coming holiday season, will initially be released for U.S. market on a first-come, first-serve basis, by the way, the supplier said, while stock last! 😉


Furthermore, if you’re a developer or a clever coder, you will be able to experiment with your own program on Sphero, as it is designed with open source language, including Android, iOS and Java’s SDK. Enjoy the success feeling having your own Sphero perform the tasks you programmed into it.

And lastly, Sphero will offer experience changes with every new installed app. You could put it on a golf course and tease those cunny golfers, or treat it as an RC car as well as disco balls with many surprises.

Additional games and apps will be available at iTunes App Store or Android market.

Price: USD129.99 [ including a Sphero robotic ball, an induction charger and free games and apps ]

[ Source: Orbotix Sphero Robotic Ball ]