You might have noticed about the increase capability of computer processor, Wi-Fi access speed, cloud storage and interactive projection technology in the last few years.

People are seeking a more efficient and effective mobile computer in term of shape, performance and portability for ease of carrying anywhere they go. Did you read about the ‘alien’ type of interactive smartphone projector concept? If you had, you might not get too surprise when there will be a shift from the conventional bulky shape mobile computer into a handy, compact and ultra portable gadget that easy to bring anywhere you wish.


The essential factors here are the fast broadband connection, reliable Wi-Fi connection as well as high performing hardware setting. Nikolaus Frank has another creative idea about Spider computer that comes in an ultra minimum form factor that could doubles as a smartphone when the Spider not in ‘computer’ mode.

Spider computer concept has the outlook of a compact, handy size monocular or more resemble the telescope on a sniper rifle for zooming in a shooting target.

The difference, there are no adjustable scope rings as if on a sniper rifle, but it comes with three built-in foldable legs that allow users to allow the Spider Computer to stand firmly on the desk. Actually, it looks more like a three legged alien once erected on a desk surface. 🙂


On the top or the head area of the Spider Computer, you will find a mirror to reflect the projector’s display to desk surface or wall, anywhere user prefer to direct the display to. At the other side, there is an interactive infrared keyboard projector that allow user to type on any flat surface of a desk without having to get a physical keyboard for text input.

However, no mouse or pointer is being demonstrated on the demo picture, would be wonderful to get an infrared sensitive touchpad too, isn’t it?


For the smartphone mode, there is a circular LCD display with graphic interface, but do you think the small circular cover will good enough for sending short messages or for phone book searching?

Anyway, this is another awesome idea. Thanks Frank!

[ Source: Hardwaresphere ; YankoDesign ; Nikolaus Frank ]