We know that www is abbreviation of World Wide Web, so where have all the spiders transformed into? Bloggers? Affiliate marketers? You tell me!

However, following gadget has nothing to do with the web, the Spiderpodium is purely an iPhone Holder designed, manufactured and marketed by Breffo, that seems deeply inspired by the long eight legged freaks from the nature. SpiderPodium has a dimension of 160x190x7mm, made from rubber, steel and polypropylene materials.


SpiderPodium has eight bendable legs that will firmly hold, dock or grip your iPhone or other handheld devices. You could let it holds your mp3 players, ipod touch, portable pico projectors, cell phones, or perhaps your candies jar. SpiderPodium will be available in U.K and U.S at different dates, in U.K it will be available by end of this month, that’s March 29, 2010, and meanwhile for U.S market, it will be available by April 15, 2010.

GBP14.99 [ more info from Breffo UK here]
USD19.99 [ more info from Breffo US here ]