Spy Hawk, the latest innovation on remote-controlled flying toy has taken player to next level of playing experience by offering a 3.5-inch LCD on the handheld remote for player to get clear live video streaming up to 400m away from the aircraft. Backed up with internal flash storage up to 4GB capacity, Spy Hawk is planned for release in UK early next month.

This Spy Hawk flying toy is capable to fly in the air up to 15 minutes long on a single charge using the lithium-ion battery pack. The video resolution is 5MP, and interestingly, Spy Hawk appears to have no landing gear, so assuming the R/C flying toy is meant to arrive safely onto your bed directly from your room window.


So, if you have suspicious neighbor that seems need for extra work on your part, Spy Hawk should be one need spy gadget, or should you feel to have the responsibility to monitor the ‘pathetic’ fella that have been causing unrest around the neighborhood, Spy Hawk offers a convenience way for you to monitor from distance.

Spy Hawk’s wing span is approximately 84cm, overall length about 62 cm, weighing 180 grams. Designed with a 450mAh battery (7.4V), flying time is estimated to last between 15-20 minutes long, depends on wind condition. A full recharge will need around 40 minutes to accomplish, at the core, the engine is a C1404 brushless motor KV3000, the flying toy is built using EPO crash proof material.


The video resolution is five-megapixels and the aircraft has an autopilot mode so you can focus on the video feed rather than flying. I think I would probably just crash this the first time I had to land, the glider appears to have no landing gear.

Checkout the pricing and availability for UK, right here!