What if you could produce your own ‘thank you’ movie using images of yourself and position yourself to be a hero to be thanks by millions of people in the movie? Would it be the funniest sensation to share with your friends?

Tackfilm is a website that will enable you put up picture of yourself, your friend or a monkey picture and let the application runs the picture to become the main subject of the movie.

There are 7 easy steps:
1. Click on the ‘make a new movie’ ;
2. Wait for the site to count down for loading the movie;
3. After the count-down, simply click on the browse button or start a webcam;
4. Select the picture you want to upload or use your webcam to capture photo of yourself or your friend,
5. zoom or adjust the uploaded picture to your preference;
6. Click Ok and wait for the movie count down for recreation;
7. You could send the movie to your friend via an email or save the movie.

Enjoy Your April Mop!