If you enjoy multiplayer games, you should love following game. Starvoid is a real time strategy game that built to support up to 12 players per server, easy to join and leave game setting without any penalty and gamers could built their own contracts of units, unit upgrades, utility abilities and commander gear to select from when deploying into combat.

Designed with a first person shooter viewing mode, Starvoid allow player takes the role of a mercenary commander in the outer rims of the galaxy, where the main mission is to take control over the rare spaceship fuel.


On the battlefield, player will have an arsenal of combat droids, vehicles and ingenious abilities ranging from deployable minefields and machine gun turrets to repair of nanoids and orbital rocket strikes. Everything will automatically refilled in a constant timing, while commander is allowed to instantly re-enter the battlefield after being eliminated.



You could enjoy this wonderful tactical gameplay on your desktop PC or gaming laptop by downloading it, right here!