This remind me of the paranormal movie, a new horror movie being listed as the highest demanded horror movie in United States. Anyway, have you ever feel trembling every time you step into an old house, or old mansion or perhaps an old castle inherited by your great grand father?

Anyway, ghost is something mystical and mysterious, but modern technology has recognized ghost as another moving “thing” that exist in our dimension, apart from the rest that we call a touchable living beings.



Strapya just come up with the new device called “Ghost Detector”, in Japanese language is called “Baketan”, despite the capability of detecting real ghost or fake one, this little gadget is would definitely create more “Halloween” atmosphere compare to other ghost mask or black colored dress. They are two color of black and white for the Yin-Yang shape ghost detector available from Strapya.

Try it on cemetery, old houses, abandoned mansion, this will definitely another adrenalin pumping toy for
those who like adventure! Editorial warning, if you have heart disease, please don’t carry the device to detect for a ghost, any side effect is at your own risk! And kids, please don’t do it at your school! You would probably catch a warning letter from your headmaster or your class teacher 🙂

But what if you are 18+ and have the guts, who could hold you back? Nehh.. again, try it at your own risk! If you possibly see the light turn red, don’t ask me what to do next, just turn your back and run !!!

Well, so much for ghost believer, scientifically, haven’t try one myself, but this is another ‘cool’ Halloween stuff !

Price: JPY1,980 [ approx. USD21.76 ]

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