A unique, first of its kind of stress level detector in a form of computer mouse with a pulse-wave sensor and infrared light has been introduced by Tokyo Metropolitan University’s researchers. The Stress Level Detector Mouse is claimed has the capability to measure bloodflow inside your fingertip by reflecting the infrared light off your flesh and also detects stability in your cardiac rhythm to gather more information about certain hormone levels on particular time.

Researchers at Tokyo Metropolitan University have a surprising discovery about the correlation between the stability in your cardiac rhythm and these hormone levels, said to be correlated 70% most of the time.

Without having to over-hype the Stress Detector Mouse, this should become the pioneer in portable medical gadget to advise users with emotional or hormone instability to get a good understanding about their physical body.


So next time if the commercial version of Stress Level Detector Mouse being released into the market, remember to suggest the company owner to get one for interview, any candidate being called into the interview’s chamber will be obliged to use the mouse and type in certain letter or task and see how correct the detector. Fun? More like an office torture for new comers! :))


No info on pricing and availability yet.

[ Source: Digi Info TV ]