A newly invented pressure sensor is claimed capable to handle the stretching up to twice its size! Researchers at Fraunhofer has been testing the new material similar to conventional stain gauge that provide flexible, elastic backing material that supports a metallic foil pattern but unlike the conventional stain gauge, this new material still maintain the electrical resistance even when the foil is deformed or stretched.

This highly stretchable elastomeric polymer film is coated with flexible electrodes at the both sides, and by controlling the elasticity of the chemical bonding, researchers are confidence that it will be able to tailor the flexible sensors requires for flexible or bendable type of electronics devices for specific purpose.


“If the sensor is being used to measure high pressures, we produce a sturdier elastomer film as substrate; for measuring lower pressures, we use more pliant films,” says Dr. Holger Böse, Scientific and Technical Manager of the ISC’s Center Smart Materials.

One good example is the application into car seats that will detect not only the occupancy of the seat, but also capable to detect the exact sitting position of the occupant inside the car. This type of technology would be beneficial for improving optimum usage of airbag for better safety precautionary measures in a road accident.

Furthermore, the flexible sensors also enable researchers to analyze movements to improve athletes’ performance during the training.
You will be able to witness this wonderful flexible sensor at the Sensor+Test trade fair that will be held in Nuremburg, Germany by June 7th to 9th, 2011.

[ Source: Gizmag ; Fraunhofer ]