A stylish Igloo shaped Ice Container is perfect accessory for any home bar or party pad; it will helps you to keep ice colder and longer. The roof are silicone, while the base and tongs are made out of stainless steel.





Place the cooling power of this igloo ice cube container to work next time you need a cube to water down your favorite beverage.

Product Features:
• Insulating top with stainless steel container
• Stores and makes ice cubes
• Black top doubles up as silicone ice tray
• Magnetic close box
• Unique, stylish design
• Stainless steel tongs
• Gift boxed

Pack Contains:
• Stainless steel base
• Silicone top
• Stainless steel tongs

Brand: Xdmodo

• Height: 110mm
• Depth: 35mm
• Diameter: 160mm
• Weight: 584g
• Pack Weight: 1.25kg

Product Page: (£49.99, or about $83.60)

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