Having shower in a bath tub with whirlpool is fun, and it would be more fun if there is a large OLED display on the side that could be used as large display for moving scenery, movies or simply for playback on MVs of your favorite songs.





An innovative design concept by Baita Design featured over Behance network has blended a washbasin, whirlpool and oled display in one unit of Sub-Tub. In short, you could have washbasin, large mirror, washtub, whirlpool and OLED display in one unit of device.

Any image of your choice can be uploaded to the large screen, or the screen can double as a mirror. It is still unclear if it will be able to play videos, but we don’t see why not. Before you get too excited you should know that this is still only a concept.

[ Source: Behance ; Baita Design ]