For USD850, you will be able to enjoy an ultra lazy diving in the Carribbean Sea, of course using the cool Subwing. So, rather than water skiing above the water, now you could choose to diving using the Subwing and experience the sensation of tilting, rotating and diving at the same time under the water.

Watch below video to get the grasp of how the Subwing functioning for under the water…

Absolutely an awesome challenge for those with special interest toward water sports! How many times do you think you could flipping around under the water without actually getting dizzy and still enjoy the under water sports using Subwing?

You could flip either the right, left or both of the wings to get the direction and rotation you wish after a bit of practice under the water.  All models are made of carbon base with different surface treatment, for a bit  affordable version at USD700, you could get the fiber glass model, while the glossy kind is a bit pricey at USD895. The USD850 is for the matte version.


Fiber Glass Model


Glossy Model


Matte Model

It is advisable to use the Subwing under the water with clear or high visibility to prevent any unwanted or unnecessary accident or wounds due to the nature of the gadget itself.

Similar to water skiing, you will need a speedboat to tow you around for enjoying the Subwing under the water.

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