Sunway BlueLight MPP is the name of homegrown supercomputer in China. Developed at the National Supercomputer Center in Jinan this September, the Sunway BlueLight Supercomputer comes with stunning 8,700 ShenWei SW1600 CPUs, a homegrown processor chips manufactured in Shanghai.

Sunway BlueLight MPP supercomputer is not the fastest, that sit at a top of Top500 list of supercomputers still from China, but are those powered by processors from Intel and NVIDIA.

China is running aggressive in computer technology? Well, at the least, presence of Sunway Bluelight supercomputer will become the stick and carrot that hopefully will boost the competition instinct for IT geeks in Western countries to design better supercomputer in return.


Sunway BlueLight supercomputer is claimed to achieve one petaflop performance, consuming a mere one megawatt of electricity, hopefully from solar to wind energy 😉

It is about the quarter of 2.5 petaflop achieved by Tianhe-1A supercomputer. There is high chance for China’s researchers to push ShenWei’s cores up to an 11 mark and increase the performance to 50 petaflop, though!

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