Marvel super heroes are getting popular again owing to the 3D cinema technology that bring 70’s childhood back to the surface. It seems super heroes will never dies even in the heart of the adults these days.

A recently introduced bookend featuring two great super heroes, one from Small Ville and the other one from the Gotham City, yes, they are Superman and Batman the Dark Knight that going to push hard to make sure books on your shelves are standing upright.


On the left side is Superman, while the opposing side will be Batman that keep pushing hard against the bookend’s wall to avoid your book going collapse, a neat bookend that kids with super heroes in their heart love to own.

Comes in limited edition, this cold-cast porcelain super heroes bookends set includes has a dimension of 8.5x8x7-inches (HxWxD) and available in a 4-color box. The super heroes bookends set does not cheap after all, costing USD249.99.

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[ Source: Hardwaresphere ]