Together with the rising trend of 3D TVs in 2010, we also read about Microsoft Surface last year, but no further update yet about the latest surface touch technology from Microsoft.

Microsoft has announced to the media at CES 2011, about the release of the Surface v2.0, and claiming that an 18-inches drop of a beer bottle would not do much harm to the touch sensitive surface that has a thickness about average of mid-range LCD TVs. A next rival to gorilla glass?


Microsoft Surface v2 comes with Pixel Sense technology, where ideally uses every single pixel of the surface as a camera or scanner. No details about what is Microsoft’s planning behind the Pixel Sense, but seems the technology will take similar idea of touch surface that will double as a scanner and a camera.

Hopefully the new Surface v2 is capable of converting and sending scanned images or handwritten documents to emails, this way, it would surely help business people to organize better and faster, offering the convenience of office desktop at the comfort of their own home office’s coffee or kitchen table!

However, no further info about pricing of the second generation of touch surface disclosed to the media yet.

[ Source: CrunchGear ; Microsoft Surface V2 ]