Antoine Fritsch, a French designer has unveiled a wonderful scooter that claims to suit all ages of riders. The T20 Bamboo Electric Scooter offers a top speed up to 22mph, and a mileage of 25 miles after a full recharge on the battery.

Frankly, the outlook of the T20 Bamboo Electric Scooter is more toward an electric bicycle, and the prototype scooter comes with a stylish and lightweight scooter frame.


Comes with a dimension of 180 x 60 x 120-cm (LxIxH), and kicking off with your feet to start the scooter until the electric propulsion system takes over, anyway, it is always good to exercise both of your legs, isn’t it?

No info when the prototype will be massly produced for commercial version yet. Will the T20 only available in France?

[ Source: Designboom ; Antoine Fritsch – T20 Bamboo Electric Scooter ]