A truly electric guitar with stand-alone programmable Midi controller, TabStrummer, an abbreviation of guitar Tablature and Strummer, refers to a unique invisible guitar strings designed in a motion sensitive circuit board that will automatically detect your finger movement and produce corresponding tones once switch on.

User could store up to 12 programs for any chord of the electric guitar and to play a song, press of the buttons with memorized guitar chords and strum will done most of the job for you.


Let’s roll the video and see how a guitarist playing this amazing piece of all electric guitar with the 12 memory buttons midi controller as if on a 12 fret guitar…

This TabStrummer electric guitar comes with 6 printed strings, a guitar tab is a 6 digit combination of numbers and letter X which corresponds to a muted string. Each digit corresponds to each fret of particular string on the guitar.


TabStrummer-all-electric-guitar-with-midi-controller-and-memory-buttonsThe 12 memory buttons is capable to store up to 300 memory SONG locations inside the TabStrummers’ internal memory. You will also find MIDI out connection port, MIDI sound shield from Sparkfun Electronics with onboard audio out jack for connect the TabStrummers to your headphones and play the guitar without distracting your next door neighbors.


Alternatively, you could connect TabStrummer to your sound system or TV audio input. These 6 printed touch sensitive strings on the circuit board are widely spaced for ease of plucking each of the string.

Images and video Credit: TabStrummer

Thanks Miroslaw!

[ Source: TabStrummer ]