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iPad 2D To 3D Application: The Anamorphosis Effect

Back in 16th Century, there is a mirror anamorphosis technique that capable to distort 2D painting to be viewed in proper proportion from acute angles or using conical or cylindrical mirrors. The famous anamorphic masterpiece will be the Hans Holbein’s 1533 portrait The Ambassadors that appear top be a grey streak in the foreground of […]

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NewSight’s 2D To 3D Converter: Ultra Thin Parallax Barrier Layer Enclosure For iPhone And iPad 2

A Japanese guy called Kiyoto Kanda from NewSight has shown a nifty display trick that will manipulate your new iPad 2 or iPhone for displaying 3D photos on iOS base devices. No worry, the display trick using ultra-thin parallax barrier layer will still get you the full multitouch functionality for both your iPhone or iPad […]

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D6400, D6500: Samsung 3D TVs For South Korea

D6400 and D6500 are two 3D TVs introduced by Samsung for South Korea market. Both series of 3D TVs will be available in either 40-inches, 46-inches and 55-inches. Samsung D6400 and Samsung D6500 are designed with the capability to convert 2D content to 3D, 480Hz Clear Motion Rate, Hyper-real engine, smart-real motion picture, crystal black […]

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DA8223: Dialog Semiconductor 2D To 3D Conversion Chip – 3D View For Tablet And Smartphones Using Parallax Barrier Display


Parallax barrier is a promising 3D display hardware for mobile gadgets in near future. This is due to the recently announced Dialog Semiconductor’s DA8223 video conversion chip that capable of converting any real time 2D graphics into 3D. Dialog Semiconductor’s DA8223 is first of its kind, a 2D to 3D Video Conversion Chip that has […]

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NEC 3D All In One PC – With Blu-Ray Player And 3D Glasses


The market is getting hot with 3D displays, so does NEC. The newly announced NEC 3D All In One PC is aiming for 3D market and 2D display market has the capability to convert any 2D images and movies into 3D format. NEC 3D AIO PC comes with blu-ray player and 3D glasses instead of […]

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