Desktop Aquarium: For Saltwater Small Fishes

Not much worries about impurities, excess food, and waste inside the desktop aquarium even though not being cleaned for few days. A desktop style saltwater aquarium with superior aquarium filters that offers 5x more cleaner and more oxygenated environment for the small saltwater fishes compare to other similar aquarium. This desktop aquarium is able to […]

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Fluval Vinceza Aquarium: Bowfront Aquarium Glass Design

Looking for an aquarium to further add ‘aesthetic’ feeling to your plain living room walls? Fluval Vincenza Aquarium set is built with Italian design with the aquarium height of 21.65-inches while the aquarium stand is about 27.55-inches tall, a total of 49.2-inches or about 1.25 meter in height. The Vinceza’s Aquarium has a bowfront glass […]

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Electronic GoldFish In A Bowl: No More RIP For The Little Dudes!

Perhaps most of human beings enjoy looking at cute little goldfish swimming inside a transparent glass bowl, hence, some of us just getting too lazy to feed the fish properly or change the water in a timely manner to let the real gold fish to live long enough inside the aquarium. This is why the […]

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Aquarium Sink: Blending Sink With Aquarium

A fancy and luxurious positioning of fish aquarium into a sink. This is the latest’s produk from Fish ‘N Flush Toilet Tank Aquarium that make hand or face washing more interesting and not so monotone compare to the conventional sink. Fish ‘N Flush Toilet Tank Aquarium has a dimension of 34×29.5×23.5-inches (HxWxD), a clever idea […]

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Fish n Flush Aquarium Toilet: The Cranky Gadget

Thus far, the most unique and uncommon aquarium is probably the following Fish ‘n Flush Toilet Tank Aquarium Kit. Designed with the shape of a Toilet Tank, Fish ‘n Flush Toilet Tank Aquarium comes with two-piece aquarium tank, dual-filter system with pump and two nine-inch artificial plants. You could actually use the toilet, but it […]

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Fishscape Fishbowl: Aruliden Artistic Transparent Glass Aquarium

An artistic, hand-blown glass fishbowl is a design by Aruliden to offer unique transparent, desktop style aquarium for folks enjoy watching the little gold fish inside their home. Made in Turkey by Gaia & Gino, the Fishscape Fishbowl transform out most basic home item into beautiful crystal clear aquarium with a unique mountain range interior […]

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Nike Air ABuku – Nike Air 360 Shoes Turn Into GoldFish Aquarium


Nike Air ABuku is a weird aquarium design by a Tokyo’s advertising agency called Wieden+Kennedy. The Nike Air Abuku was in fact a Nike Air Max 360 running shoe transformed into a goldfish aquarium. The inspiration behind above piece of art is the ABUKU or translated from Japanese word of ‘Bubble’, the designers is trying […]

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Korea Fox – 8cm Thick Wall Hanging Aquariums


Elegant flat shape wall-hanging aquarium designed by South Korea Fox Holdings, a manufacturer of interior aquarium with many years of accumulated research and technology, was shown at the 8th Busan International Baby & Edu Fair. The wall-hanging aquarium has a thickness of 8cm. Raising fish in the aquarium tank has never been easier with its […]

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