Roboden: Asahi Kasei Elastic USB Cable

Roboden is the first elastic USB cable introduced by Asahi Kasei corporation, offering elasticity factor of around 1.5, allow the cable to stretch and bounce back, expand and contract with some similarity to human skin. Roboden elastic cable could be used for variety of purposes, including as cable that connects USB powered devices, for both […]

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Cable Monkey Cable Tie: Organize The Messy Jungle Of Cables

Do you agree that human’s mind has similarity with a monkey’s behaviour? You might find your mind hard to stay still at one point, it will start thinking, wondering and figuring by itself. As messy as the mind of those geeks with bunch of innovative ideas and brilliant designs, the Cable Monkey Organizer will help […]

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Apple Thunderbolt Cable: 10Gbps Speed!

Thunderbolt cable is the first of its kind that release by Apple that supports Intel‘s fastest Thunderbolt processors at 10Gbps speed that allow you to copy a full length HD movie in less than 30 seconds, or backing up 1 year of continuous MP3 playback in just over 10 minutes! The idea is to provide […]

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ProUltra Elite: Accell High Speed HDMI Cable – 10.2 Gbps Data Transfer Speed

Looking for high quality HDMI cable? Accell has recently unveiled its ProUltra Elite High Speed HDMI cable that supports high speed HDMI video and audio streaming as well as 10.2 Gbps data transfer speed. Accell ProUltra Elite High Speed HDMI cable comes with 24k gold plating and 24k gold-plated contacts and will provide superb resolution for […]

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CableDrops – Hold Firm Cables Where You Want Them


So your computer desk or office desk where small, and you have many wired plug and play gadgets. Have you ever feel troublesome to search for cables each time want to use those gadgets? Above are the CableDrop holders, device which will let you hold your laptop, iPod or camera cables. No point trying to […]

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