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Easy Cap Concept For Soda Bottles

Sometimes, it is not that easy to open a soda bottles, especially when your hand is wet or oily. However, Shao Nung Chen or better known as Solomon Chen, is a Chinese designer with a great idea about how the Coke’s cap should take its shape. The ‘Easy Cap’ is designed to offer easy and […]

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Spy Camera Recorder: Fake Soft Drink Cans With Built-in DVR And Tiny Camera

A spy gadget in a soft drink can! Available in two versions of Coke Zero and Caco Cola Classic, these spy cans offer a tiny camera with built-in DVR at the side of the can, while you will also find a USB port and on/off switch at the bottom of these fake soft drink cans. […]

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Social Vending Machines: PepsiCo’s Gift A Drink Option

A touchscreen vending machine has now arrived in the U.S. Pepsi is leading by introducing the new touchscreen vending machine that offers users several option for purchasing a drink, gift a drink, redeem a drink or connect to Pepsi Refresh Project. The interesting point is on the gift a drink option, buyer could select the […]

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