UNI-CUB: Honda Personal Mobility Device, The Latest News!

Have you seen Honda UNI-CUB? This new personal mobility device with single seat saddle comes with auto-balancing technology similar to segway, where user will hardly fall down from the seat since the UNI-CUB will auto detect your body posture and gives necessary balance whenever you sit on the saddle. Honda UNI-CUB personal mobility device is […]

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Adaptive Cruise Control: Honda’s New Solution For Traffic Jam

One of the automotive giant, Honda has recently unveiled their plans to make driving a better experience. Since, one of the headache for driving around urban area these days would be traffic congestion problem, a common phenomena indicating mismanagement between space of the road and the car production. In conjunction with the Research Center for […]

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Rare Earth Metals: Reuse And Recycling, New Partnership Between Honda And Japan Metals & Chemicals

Nissan has long in the electric ‘leaf’ vehicle, but Honda is seems still innovating for using recycled materials found on their used parts or products. The recently announced joint partnership between Honda Motor Co., Ltd and Japan Metals & Chemicals Co., Ltd has initiated world’s first processing method that extract rare earth metals from various […]

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Earth Dreams Technology: Honda High Efficiency Automotive Engine For Lower CO2 Emissions

A revolutionary automotive engine has been unveiled by Honda. Earth Dreams Technology is the next-generation 2.4L class automotive engine designed for high efficiency in fuel and internal combustion components, transmission as well as improved electric-powered motor technology. Honda Earth Dreams Technology will be implemented on Honda’s mini-vehicle N BOX for the first time, and will […]

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Honda Micro Commuter: Electric Commuter Concept For Crowded Urban Areas

Honda has unveiled the neat car concept called Micro Commuter during Tokyo Motor Show. An amazing concept that allows users to merge the Micro Commuter car with their smartphone and enjoy the access and control remotely via various interchangeable designer panels. From the concept, we could tell that Honda Micro Commuter car concept is one […]

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Intelligent Horse: Honda Futuristic Smart Vehicle Concept, The Survival Challenge

A very futuristic smart vehicle concept called Intelligent Horse was introduced by Honda that might takes us hundres of years ahead into future where a world disrupted by the impact of meteor shower that resulting heat and drought have wiped out most of human being’s technology, road infrastructures and life that we know. The Intelligent […]

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Honda CR-V Concept: Initial Public Appearance At Orange County International Auto Show

Latest compact Honda S.U.V that redesigned from the CR-V will help Honda to fight against other competitor’s S.U.Vs including, Toyota RAV4, Volkswagen Tiguan and Mazda CX-5 in the market. The new Honda CR-V concept will be the fourth-generation of its CR-V is scheduled going for sale in the U.S market by end of this year, […]

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Honda Shuttle And Honda Shuttle Hybrid: Honda Fit Series

Latest cars unveiled by Honda are Honda Shuttle and Shuttle Hybrid. Both versions are included inside Honda Fit car series, the Shuttle version offers 1.5-litre i-VTEC engine and fuel economy of 18.6 km/litre, while the Shuttle Hybrid comes in a lightweight 1.3-litre i-VTEC engine that offers fuel economy of 25km/liter in JC08 mode, which converts […]

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ASIMO: Honda Humanoid Robot – Walking Down The Stairs

One humanoid robot from Honda called ASIMO is making its debut appearance during the FIRST Championship that will be held from Friday, April 29th at 10am to 5pm and ended on Saturday, April 30th at 9am to 12pm in America’s Center Convention Complex in the downtown St. Louis, Missouri. FIRST Championship is the first humanoid […]

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Honda Vision: Solar Power Hydrogen Hybrid Power Charging Station – Initial Launch In Saitama Prefecture


Production of EVs without proper infrastructure support could become a major hurdles for alternative fuel vehicles in near future. Automobiles giants are not in search for ideal model of green energy recharging station for both individual or public usage. Honda vision is a trial solar-powered home-based hydrogen production station that will help to ease up […]

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Suzuki Swift Plug-in Hybrid Cars – Using Sanyo Li-Ion Batteries


Sanyo has made a world record for its Li-Ion batteries for the Mira EV electric car. And to expand its influence further, Sanyo has announced their collaboration with Suzuki for supplying the Lithium Ion battery for Suzuki Swift Hybrid Cars. This new generation of SUZUKI hybrid vehicles plug-in (PHVs) will be called as “Swift Plug-in […]

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U3-X Hot Drive System – Test Driving The Honda Personal Mobility Device


Remember the Asimo U3-X Honda Personal Mobility Device appeared for the first time in September last year? Asimo U3-X, is a Honda Personal Mobility Device that provide convenience and mobility for modern living. U3-X will allow its user to mobile around without having to use their own legs. For company with large setting such as […]

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