iHM61: iHome Mini Speaker, The Musical Dumbbells

iHM61 is a Color Changing Speaker from iHome that looks like fitness dumbbells, with some short of variation at the middle. Probably trying to create the image that the iHM61 is a stubborn speaker that should survive the ‘heavy-weight’ audio demand. The LED located inside the center of the ‘dumbbell’ could glow in various colors, […]

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iHome: iDM12 Portable Wireless Speaker System – For iPad, iPhone and iPod

iDM12 is a portable wireless speaker system designed for iPad, iPhone and iPod. Unveiled by iHome, iDM12 portable wireless speaker with docking system offers built-in Lithium ion rechargeable battery and protective magnetic casing that doubles as a stand for either portrait of landscape orientation. iHome iDM12 portable wireless speaker system offers two active speaker drivers […]

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iA63, iA17 And iA91: iHome’s Alarm Clock Radio Systems For iPhone And iPod


iA63, iA17 and iA91 are three new iPhone and iPod docking stations double as Alarm Clock Radio System  released by iHome. iA63 comes in circular center with square seating, iA17 in circular design and iA91 in square with rounded corner design. All of them works with the free iHome+Sleep for personalized bedside experience technology. iA91, is […]

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iHome: Binatone iDECT Digital Cordless Phone – Email, Social Networking And Internet Browsing Features


iDECT iHome is a digital DECT cordless desktop phone released by Binatone that features built-in WiFi connectivity, 2.8-inch 320×240 touchscreen, hands-free speaker phone and auto-rotate landscape / portrait orientation. Binatone iDECT iHome phone will allow to check email, watching YouTube video, browsing the internet, listening to internet radio, reading RSS or even chatting with you […]

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iB9678 And IB969G: iHome Charging Stations for iPad, iPod, iPhone, BlackBerrys and eReaders


If you own several mobile electronic gadgets that need regular charging after a long mobility outside your home or office. Is there a neat, clean looking docking or charging station that will help to organize your all mobile electronic gadgets in one charging station? iHome’s iB9678 and iB969G are built to suit your need for […]

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iHome AirPlay: Apple Wireless Speaker System – Rechargeable Battery


Another wireless speaker system other than Beat Wireless Speaker is the iHome AirPlay wireless speaker system released by Apple. The new iHome AirPlay has built-in rechargeable battery that will let you put a real wireless speaker onto work without the hesitation of messy wire. Apple planned to release iHome AirPlay by this coming holiday season […]

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iP39SZC iHome – Kitchen Timer Drops Integrated With iPhone Speaker Dock


iHome, see, this is another ego-centric gadget with i-prefix. The iHome iP39SZC is an iPhone Speaker Dock that integrated with a Kitchen Timer Drops. You can set dual alarms that allow you to set exactly when they go off by the day of the week. If you happen love to hang around your kitchen and […]

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