Smart Kitchen: Toncelli Prisma With Samsung Galaxy Tab Docking

Do you still remember about Corning’s ambition to create interactive touch surface using their next generation of gorilla glass? You could watch the video, right here. Nowadays, it seems everything is going ‘high-tech’, what once to be alien technology back in seventies are appearing to be a realistic gadget for modern living. From smart TVs, […]

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The Stem: Spray It, Don’t Squeeze It

A practical gadget for your kitchen, The Stem is currently a project by Quirky and is designed to help those doing their own cooking. Getting citrus juice onto your cooking or food is easy using the Stem, simply chuck in the Stem into the citrus fruit and you could start to squirt the citrus juice […]

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Bored Peeling Potatoes in Your Kitchen? Let’s Figure Out The Cool Way Get It Done FAST!


Ever heard your wife or mom mumbling about how troublesome it is peeling potatoes? A new method has been teaching a cool way peeling off those annoying potatoes skins in a matter of seconds! Nothing but bare hands would do the trick, but you will need a plastic spoon for getting the boiling potato into […]

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Philips AirFryer: Less Or No Oil Cooking – IFA 2010


Not only lighting industry, Philips has been aggressively diversifying its business portfolios into various markets, including 3D display and kitchen gadgets. Latest kitchen gadgets introduced by Philips during IFA 2010 is dubbed Philips AirFryer. Philips AirFryer is modern kitchen gadget that will let its users to fried food with little or no oil. AirFryer concept […]

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Kidde FX10K Kitchen Fire Extinguisher – Food Safe Sodium Bicarbonate Powder


For a crucial area for your daily activities, such as kitchen, where most fire-ly stuffs or kitchen utensils are in there for cooking, baking and steaming. The annoying part is, whenever you use the ordinary fire extinguisher to defeat the flame pop-up in your kitchen, the cleaning up process would be terribly exhausting, since you […]

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Click ‘n Cook Spatulas Holder – Detachable Kitchen Gadget


Brief news for Chefs, following Click ‘n Cook. is a modular spatula system to keep your kitchen tools in a handy, one easy place. The spatula’s holder designed in a stainless steel storage block, a sturdy ergonomic handle. More over, this kitchen set comes with five detachable spatula heads and one detachable spatula’s handle. The […]

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LED Gas Detector – A Neat Way To Detect Gas Leakage In Your Kitchen


I could not agree more with hardwaresphere on the dangerous issue of gas leaks which might cause fire and lose of your comfort living space. However, on some occasions small leak are just undetectable until everything is too late. So, is there a cheap and smart way to detect gas leak out in your home? […]

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