Emart 3D Shadow QR Codes: Innovative Marketing Tool To Boost Sales During Quiet Hours!

If you have been using Android smartphone or tablet, you must have known about the QR codes. This little QR code is useful for identifying various information related to specific item, software, download or games. The growing market awareness and acception towards QR codes become one interesting marketing tool for company or stores to boost […]

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iPad 3D: 3DIS 3D Conversion Software With Advanced Parallax Barrier Technology

Latest glasses free 3D display technology unveiled by South Korean’s 3DIS is a demo video of iPad 3D that allow iPad users to get the feeling of viewing a glasses free 3D visual effect on the iPad. The demo images and video are set in HD quality 3D setting with responsive left and right turning […]

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Video Of The Week – 10 June 2011

If life is just too tough for you right now, following is one tough orphan kid growing up on the street might just become your inspiration to live your life to the fullest! The boy was dispelled from the orphanage while he was five years old, you might wonder what makes the boy so motivated […]

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LG Kinect Cinema 3D Smart TV: LG And Microsoft’s Initial Debut In South Korea

The TV giant, LG and Game Console giant, Microsoft will soon make their first join partnership battle plan for South Korea’s 3D Smart TV  market. LG and Microsoft is releasing LG Kinect Cinema 3D Smart TV that will come in 47 and 55-inches of display sizes. The 47-inch model is coded 47LW5700 while the 55-inch […]

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i5801 Galaxy Apollo: Samsung SHW-M100S in Korea – Smartphone For UK Market


A Korean version of SHW-M100S is dubbed as Samsung Galaxy Apollo. Samsung Galaxy Apollo is revealed along with Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Wave smartphones. Galaxy Apollo comes with a 3.7-inch WVGA AMOLED touchscreen display, running Android 2.1 OS, powered by 800MHz processor, 5 MP camera, WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth. Galaxy Apollo also recognize DivX […]

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S100: iRiver Creative Panorama – Portable Media Player


S100 Creative Panorama is a portable media player from iRiver, a South Korea base pmp manufacturer. iRiver S100 comes with a QVGA 2.8-inch color LCD offering 240×320 resolution display. iRiver S100 also comes with a T-DMB tuner, built-in FM tuner, either 4GB or 8GB storage capacities and a microSD/SDHC card slot. iRiver S100 Creative Panorama […]

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IM-S610K: Pantech SKY Check Mate – Clamshell Mobile Phone


Pantech Korea has recently introduced the SKY Check Mate IM-S610K clamshell mobile phone. The IM-S610K has 2.6-inch display offering 240×320 resolution. The wonder of this clamshell mobile phone is on the sleek design and the external display capable of displaying time, animations and phone status. Pantech SKY Check Mate IM-S610K clamshell mobile phone also has […]

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KH3900 JoyPop Cell Phone – The First Fixe Mobile Convergence From LG


Claim to be the first FMC or Fixed Mobile Convergence cell phone from LG, KH3900 JoyPop has been introduced to South Korea market. It has a thickness of 14.4mm, and has all basic function for Korean mobile phone, including eWallet, 3G, bluetooth and GPS amongst other features. The LG KH3900 JoyPop cell phone has WiFi […]

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Ledroi HD – Korea LED Backlit TVs


New Google Android 1.5 LED Backlit TV from Korea is called ‘Ledroi HD’. The LED TVs come in three different screen sizes of 42, 47 and 55-inch. Released GPNC, the LED backlit TVs have been marketed to 10 countries, including Australia, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Finland, South Korea and Dubai. You will be able […]

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SMA: Sunny Boy And Sunny TriPower Three-Phase Inverters


A news released by AVING news network, a German base company – SMA, in going to introduce the new three-phase green energy inverter,  “Sunny Tripower” and new generation of Sunny Boy inverter series for residential market.  SMA’s inverter products are going to be exhibited during the Green Energy Expo 2010 in Daegu – Korea, this […]

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Mini Plus Tiny Food USB Flash Drives – Hungry?


A Korean website has recently introduced their mini food shape usb flash drives called Mini Plus. The series of mini food shape USB flash drives are come with 4GB flash memory storage capacity and has they all have a strap for your keychain. There are some traditional food-shapes as well as some chocolate and dessert. […]

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EarlyAdopter Radio – The Prototype Version From Korea


If simply moving chromed bars will let you control various aspect of a radio, would you get one for your own? Korean company called EarlyAdopter has recently released the prototype version of the ‘EarlyAdopter Radio’. No more complexity of knobs and switches for a radio. As this simple idea seems to hit the market with […]

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