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Viliv S10 Blade : Korea Multi-Touch Tablet PC


Do you remember the Viliv S10 Blade we have reviewed in early January this year? Online merchant, Dynamism has recently released the starting pricing for this particular Viliv S10‘s pre-orders. Viliv S10 SSD versions start with a 32GB Windows 7 version and go up to a 64GB version with the 2.0Ghz CPU and built-in HSDPA.

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XING LED – Fashionable MP3 Player


XING LED portable mp3 player is another product from a Korean PMP manufacturer SAFA. The device has 27 LED lights that could let you play simple games like DICE and the game of paper, stone and scissors. The LED could also display various icons or icons that you create manually. SAFA’s XING LED has four […]

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Go&Joy Korean PMP – Designed By Woongjin


Go & Joy is a new Korea Portable Media Player designed by Woongjin. It has 900MHz CPU that capable to display both 2D and 3D maps and 3D GUI. No further info regarding this Portable Media Player, even on the screen size or resolution, will update you as soon as we get more info.

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