PaperPhone: Flexible, Bendable, Lightweight!

What will the outlook for the next smartphone? Flexibility seems to occupied every corner or the room. Latest prototype of flexible phone by researchers at Queen University in Ontario Canada has shown the possibility using a ductile e-ink display and elastic electronic under the hood. Dubbed PaperPhone and currently on prototype ‘monochrome’ stage, predictably, in […]

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200 Petawatts Research Lasers: The Most Powerful Laser Beam Up To Date

Latest approved three gigantic research lasers by European Commission under the Extreme Light Infrastructure Project that designed with a super powerful laser beam. This research lasers are several hundred times more powerful than all the power generated by our civilization, hoping that this type of reseach laser will be able to device or tear apart […]

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See Through Wall: Futuristic Visual Technology For Wolverin?


The time will eventually come for people in our dimension to enjoy the advanced visual technology of seeing through the wall. A technology that allows scrambling light for consistent focus even when it passes through thin layers of paint has been developed by Jochen Aulbach and his fellow colleagues at FOM Institute for Atomic and […]

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New Solar Device: Converting Solar Energy Into Fuel!


A new prototype solar device has been claimed capable of converting sun light into fuel, pretty similar to what a plant does. The latest breakthrough device, as reported by BBC UK has shown the possibility of fueling up hydrogen based cars by using a solar device to convert sun energy into fuel. Whilst, the prototype […]

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Philips Electronics E-Ink – Affordable Color Display Made Possible!


If you come across a sales person telling you that a colorful screen would cost more than the conventional black & white display, think twice. Philips Electronics has developed a relatively cheap, energy efficient, thin and light technology that would able to turn the digital device surface into the amazing digital canvas. As we know, […]

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