Vinyl iPad2 Full Body Sticker Decal Skin: Angry Birds Theme

Own an iPad 2 and looking for the Angry Birds themed vinyl casing? Etsy has unveiled the rear side and screen-around vinyl skin for iPad 2 that will help to protect your iPad 2 from scratches, promotes better grip for the users as well as provide oil- and waterproof features. The rear and screen-around vinyl […]

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ANSR: Light Therapy – Skin Care Device


ANSR is proclaimed as a new invention in skin care gadget utilizing light therapy method to solve your skin problem. Whether it is acne, large skin pores, redness caused by severe acne conditions or simply to prevent fine lines or wrinkles appearing on your faces. Unlike UV rays, ANSR light therapy skin care gadget comes […]

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ANEW: Solar Advance Sun Care Body Lotion – With Anti Aging And Skin Repair Features


Latest news from Avon, the body lotion and cosmetics company has officially announced the breakthrough of anti-aging sun care body lotion series, dubbed ANEW Solar Advance with RepairShield Technology. The Avon ANEW Solar Advance Anti-Aging Sun care body lotion is claimed to have double functions of anti-aging utilizing natural antioxidant defense system to fight free […]

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Kaesch Micro Steam Shower Cabin – Medicinal Steam For Beauty Radiance Skin!


A revolutionary Micro Steam shower cabin is a released by a US Germany-based luxury bathtubs and showers, KÄSCH GmbH. The shower cabin incorporates spa-like skin cleansing treatments in the system, boasting the capability to purify your skin with atomized oils that open up pores of your skin and stimulates your skin from within. From dermatologist […]

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